Want help getting a unfair bad rating taken off.

I was selling some in-game Roblox items when a guy bought 5 things off me i delivered 4 of them and they all went through fine but on the fifth one he said that i needed to give him another one of the in-game items so he was saying he bought six not five. I delivered the last one of the five he had actually bought but he kept saying i need to send him another one and that he bought another one I sent him proof that he has not bought another one and was trying to scam me or he was just misunderstood, but he ignored me and left a bad review stating i am a scammer. Would i be able to get this fixed? Thank you. :smiley:

As long as you can provide proof, you can get it removed. The moderators would need your invite code, and the order I.D. which the negative rating was from, post that down. They will take a while to respond, but you should have it removed by the end of the day. @MajorTom @DarkKnight

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Ok thank you, the order id was b0052cea-5f4a-48c4-99a5-fcb4269bdfad and my invite code is Q71HN4
Here is a picture of the guy saying in need to send one more the item name is “Laser” which he didn’t purchase as shown in this picture i took to show him that i had no order from him

He then accepted the listing which he was talking to me from “Fang” and the left a negative review saying i didnt deliever one of his items.

I’ve taken a look at this review, it quotes that you are a scammer. This is fine, many people request to get a review taken down. Just wait for a moderator to respond to you.

Ok thanks you’ve been very helpful :smiley:

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Hello xd_snipes,

It looks like your rating has already been removed, so I’m closing this topic.

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