Watch out for a on going scam going on right now

Hey there! Newbie to the forum, my handle on Gameflip / here is JoA, just putting a small PSA WARNING of a ongoing scam currently, hope this brings light to the situation and any higher ups see this and others can share and to be wary. Further information is in the link to my listing below.


Check out this awesome item I found on Gameflip: WARNING BECAREFUL OF SCAM.

Felt this needed to be taken care of ASAP, here is text from my listing

Putting this WARNING out for this disgusting behavior


Tried to get myself a code for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth for low and almost fell for this scheme.

Upon purchase i was greet with a ’ automated message ’

Hello this is automated message.
Please rate up to recive link on mail.
When you rate up you will recive link on mail
When you enter link you will need to enter code you recived here
after you enter code you recived here you will recive your key.
Thanks for ussing Ultra Cheap Shop .:heart: :heart:

Do not rate. Automatically dispute this.

He currently operates under 3 accounts. The 2 which spam listings like none other and spam boosted their rating witb .75 transactions and the one used to cash out after some fall victim.

Taking this to suport and forums, i have already reported them


1=>2=>=>3=>supercheapshop===>Ultra Cheap Shop =====>
made 2 stores
Zake Seller===>Mark Twins
seller games verified ===> djordje veizovic
1,2,3 - links I do not remember.

Global does not exist

Figured as much, was skeptical when saw it, just wanted it when I saw it at what was a ’ good price ’ haha, and good eye, and catching 2nd receiver, I hadn’t seen seller verified transfering funds yet at the time

he was able to withdraw some of the money :sob:

Oh hey Joa, good to see you on the forums, and thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I literally just got scammed right now… Will I even get a refund at all? This was my first time using the website and it told me to rate so I could get the code and now that I read the refund details it says if you rate you can absolutely not get a refund. Can I dispute this charge with my bank?

I wouldn’t do that. You’ll be suspended from Gameflip.

I don’t care if I get suspended from this stupid site. I can’t believe they let this ■■■■ happen.

You let it happen though? You never rate first until you’re sure you got what you paid for. There is even a warning before you accept it not to rate until you have your item. The fault is on you unfortunately.

Accounts are still not suspended, i m disappointed in support gameflip.

support allowed this to happen

Ultra Cheap Shop (account suspended)===>Cheapest Shopping===>seller games verified(account suspended)===>random seller
Cheapest Shopping===>Mark Twins

Cheapest Shopping=Zake Seller
seller games verified=Top seller games
djordje veizovic=random seller
why not all accounts are suspended?
more than 200 people suffered…

support gameflip failed :sob:

All the profiles you listed have been banned, except
Support is getting there, just keep reporting the bad users.

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hm… account is not suspended…

Name Dreamcatcher
found probably a scammer sending me offer that he wants to trade with me here his message "im looking to trade with u and i got "

link to a almost perfect copy of this site but named