What happens if a seller doesn't deliver within the promised delivery time?

A seller I bought from has their delivery date set for 1 day. It’s about to be 24 hours, it’s currently 23 hours. They’ve told me to chat them on Discord for easier communication to let them know I’m free. I tried, I had to have them added as a friend, so that failed. Told them that, then they told me to add them on the platform we’re trading on (roblox). As soon as they told me to add them on there, I did. It’s been 2 hours with them not accepting my friend request, they’re in a game and I’ve been trying to chat them on gameflip… They’re ignoring me and it’s getting annoying.

If the seller does not deliver within the time frame they promised, am I given the option to cancel?

Hello @Donghui,

If the guaranteed delivery time expires, you are given the option to cancel your purchase.

Hope this helps!


It does, thank you for the confirmation, I appreciate it.

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I told the seller I’d rather cancel the transaction because they took forever and even gave me the wrong roblox username. When I told them that, they marked the item as DELIVERED when they NEVER gave it to me in the first place. Opened dispute. What do I do if they won’t agree to cancel it?!

@Donghui Who was this seller? Communication through serves like discord is strictly prohibited. The seller should be reported

@DarkKnight :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:0ab9bf60-c33c-48eb-9e40-d84a8460cfa6/alexagamestop?page=1&sort=updated%3Adesc&start=0 This seller. Alexagamestop. I’ve told them that if they do not cancel the transaction like I’ve requested, I will escalate the issue to Gameflip. I provided screenshots of our Discord chat, clearly showing that I’ve requested such thing. Will I get into trouble for discussing it on Discord, then? :confused:

Hello @Donghui,

As @Maddie_Davis, it is prohibited for a seller to ask you to message on a platform other than Gameflip.

Screenshot your whole conversation from Discord.

I do not think that you will get in trouble, only the seller, but only message on Gameflip in future. :wink:

On how to deal with the seller, Report him using the image button on their profile. Politely ask them to cancel the purchase, if they do not respond or co-operate, escalate the issue and open a ticket with Gameflip Support / PM the moderators on the forum.


Thanks, I hope they listen to me and if they don’t, I hope I win this dispute. First time ever having to open a dispute on someone, I am sad about that. Never thought I’d have to open a dispute. I will report them and keep a mental note of the restriction of other communication services.

Hello @Donghui,

That’s good to see.

Sorry that this has happened to you, but it will also make you better at not doing the same thing again.

If the seller cannot provide evidence that they have delivered the item(s) to you, then you will win the dispute.

Hope it goes well!


They cancelled it. I sincerely appreciate your help and knowledge in this situation. It means a lot to be able to have had someone here to help me out in this. Tysm :orange_heart:


Hello @Donghui,

That is wonderful to hear!

I’m glad that I was able to help you.

If you haven’t done so already, I would think about reporting the seller. They may have cancelled it, but they may have been up to something if they completed the transaction without giving you the item.

They broke 2 rules which are clearly shown in the Guidelines.


Yea, I’ve already reported them. I reported them once Maddie_Davis said that the seller should be reported. :blush:


Hey guys!

Sorry for the wait!

I’m glad that your issue was resolved @Donghui :wink:

Have an awesome day everyone!

God Speed! :trident:


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