What is considered counterfeit?

I wanted to make a topic about this for all sellers, buyers, and even staff. There is a rule about no counterfeit items, but what is the line for this?

What is considered counterfeit/fakes? I always thought counterfeit/fakes would be unofficial copies. If I burn a game to a disc I’d consider that a fake. Its not made by the company, even if it does play on the system. Is selling this okay or would that be against the rules? I think this is an important discussion as people have done this, sell unofficial copies of games. They do not lie and day they are real, they admit its not a real copy, but does that still make it okay to sell or no?

Thoughts, opinions.

Im not working with Gameflip But i would say that yes that qualifies as a counterfeit item and should not be sold on this platform. There can be other places to sell it on ( but is probably illegal or against that platforms policies/ legal laws. If you do receive those I would definitely contact the app or platform you are using and let them know what happened and you believe that it is an illegal copy of a game/ movie.

Hope this helps.

@kazafkaz Definitely report the listing if you see something like this. We will remove the listing and contact the seller to let him know it’s against our terms. Thanks!

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