What is the source of the Gift Cards we buy? Are they legal gift cards?

Two days ago I bought a $50 gift card of Walmart. The card had zero balance because it was used already. This is making me think that this might have been a gift card of someone else, that has been sold to me illegally. I would like to know what are the sources of gift card and who will be responsible if a seller sell me a gift card that is illegal. Will I will be laible in court etc?

Hi, some seller on the gameflip are called “resellers” they bought it cheap to company/person they trust/know and trying to resell it here with a little profit etc. Also there are some direct suppliers as we called

If your walmart card has a balance in it after you redeemed/used it and balance drained afterwards, that’s a redflag, that gift card you bought has access by someone, maybe the first person bought, 2nd person bought to first person or the reseller here in gameflip, we don’t know

Ofcourse on your side that’s unfair so i suggest you to contact support and explain what happened and submit few some screenshots of your walmart account (where the gift card has been used/redeemed), purchase history might help , for sure they might help you, they can reverse the transaction even its already completed, goodluck

To be honest, I got banned once from one Roblox giftcard I bought. The card was tagged as stolen. However, both Roblox and Gameflip support are very friendly and helped me solve it :slight_smile: As all giftcard sellers has to be verified before they can sell giftcards, most should be fine. Actually we do not know their source or where they get their cards so there is a certain risk of it being a stolen giftcard / 0 balance giftcard.

Since it has been 3 months, I assume your case is solved already. But to any future people who encounter this problem, just send a ticket to https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. Of course, need to include all Proof (Video would be better) (from buying to using code to checking balance). Best to record everything from start if your buying a HIGH amount giftcard to help yourself is anything goes wrong.

As for your questions, it is a bit late to answer but I will still answer incase someone in the future needs it anyway. Sources - Unknown. It could be what adamnatalie04 said, it could not. The seller is responsible if the seller sells u a 0 balance giftcard/stolen giftcard. Highly will get Banned. As all giftcard sellers need to be verified, they will also know their identity. No, you will NOT be liable in court or even go to court. It will not concern you anymore as long you get refunded.


Hi, thanks for your explanation I had the same problem too.

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does the video have to have the actual buying too?
on “wait for delivery” listings it can sometimes take hours or more to get the code from the seller!

Did you encounter a problem with a giftcard code? If you have the whole video from your purchase, it would be better. But even without that, you can get your money back as long as you got enough proof. Example - Company Emailing you that code is stolen etc etc. I do not know what is your situation but just email the company to get proof if it happened to you.

My Encounter - Bought Roblox giftcard and Redeemed. After a month, account got terminated for ‘Stolen Giftcard’. Emailed Roblox Support and got details from them as I did not record Video. Sent Proof to Gameflip. Get from Support which code you used is the problem and confront the seller/message Gameflip support. If seller ignores you, then just file a ticket to Gameflip Support and they will ask for what is needed and you’ll get your money back as long you got enough Proof even if it is 1 month after.

TIP - Only buy from code sellers that IS ‘Auto Delivery’ I only buy from those. It means NO sense for people to do 1,2,3 day delivery when it is a code.

I only buy giftcards from people who sell ‘Auto Delivery’. You get code instantly. Yes, wait for delivery for codes don’t make sense and sometimes seller takes 3 days to get to you which is really bad.

Any Questions feel free to ask. I will answer if I know them.

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i did not have any issues so far but with the amazon gift cards most sellers are wait for delivery and you have to catch each other to redeem right away as soon as you get the code.
i recently had a dispute with a sellerwho claimed that i stole the code even after i showed him a screenshot of the code showing up as already redeemed.
i started video recording all orders after that just in case and i just cant get the actual buying in the video like i said because it can take hours till you catch each other.
i just hope that my videos will be good enough evidence in case of any issues thanx!

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Oh. I don’t buy amazon cards so I didn’t know that.

One Tip then. Ask in the comments under the listing whether seller is online. Wait till Seller is online then buy it. No point if you have to wait for seller right. Unless the deal is really good and is only 1 in many (will be also suspicous if seller would sell it that cheap).

Goodluck. Dispute/Ticket to Support, they will ask you what they need so don’t worry. Just give them what they want. They are also humans so they know we can’t flim for 12 hours + just for seller to get on.