What reports are considered by gameflip?

I’ve reported a user for several times because he is always trying to damage people reputation. He now is impersonating me trying to damage my reputation and it’s even racist. I’m telling my friends that pls report but his profile still out there. How bad has to go a situation for gameflip to take care of a situation here? Even free servers are taking care of this stuff but gameflip does nothing about it. What else do I have to do to finally get rid of him?

We look at every report, sometimes the reports don’t have enough information for us to understand the issue.
Like not having the profile link of the 2 users so we can compare (not saying it is your case cause I don’t manage these reports)
Make sure to send every information you can get on a normal ticket instead of a report ticket so we can check.

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Already send several times the same report with pictures of that guy impersonating me. But no actions from gameflip yet. I mean if we are all paying so much in fees at least we should be feeling comfortable and save using this site. There is no privacy and security from gameflip. Something as simple as avoid from users to use the same nickname would help a lot. I’m not the first user to claim this issue.

Could you please inform the number of all the tickets so I can check?

(383122) this code you mean by ticket?

According to this report there is nothing in common between your account and this user account.
Your name is Mago, his is Sneak 100.
Could you open a new ticket if this happens again?

I sended the proof… what’s the point or reporting if it takes several days and any user can change his nickname million times by day. He is trying to damage reputation and I’m not the only damaged by him. He could at least get a warning or a change name lock. Anyways thnx for the reply, have a nice day.

I’m sorry but we can only work based on evidence, have a nice day you too.