Whats wrong with these empty gameflip notifications on Android app 😂

Sometimes i get empty notifications from gameflip and when i open it it do nothing but opens the app but i noticed that usually, these notifications come when my active offers expire

Hey! Can you send me screenshots of this issue you are facing so I can understand better?


I get those daily for a long time (several months). I believe they started to appear since I activated my first subscription. I get this empty notification every day at the almost same time (it happens to be right now on my phone, so few minutes ago is THAT time, if it helps). When I tap it, it just leads me to starting, or login page.


Okay thanks for sharing.

Can you please open a ticket and report this? Send all the information you have, like the frequency this happens and since when this start to happen.

Send me the ticket number then.

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I keep trying to send a recovery password email and I’m not getting it and my phone number wasn’t linked. I had a temporary password yesterday now it don’t work i didn’t know i had to make a new one after

Account username Dawnax_- or Dawnax-_ idk

Same, I got that notification all the time

after activation of Pro Club Membership I got this notification… weird

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Please post your invite code so the admins can look up your account to see what’s wrong with the notifications.

Btw I already reported this to the gameflip support but here we are again

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Same issue, I’m getting a blank notification every day. I’m subscribed too. It’s very annoying.

Me too, same issue

29 days since this thread made, I still have empty notification pop up

This issue has been a long time before the thread was made


This issue was already reported to the responsible team and they are investigating it.

Whenever I have any news about this, I’ll let you know.


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What Android OS version number are you using? Do you currently have a Gameflip Club subscription?


I am using android OS version 6.0.1 and no i dont have a subscription.

Android 7.0
I do have a Gameflip subscription
I’ve installed the app 2 months ago and always had this issue

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Latest 8.0 Android and latest version of app. This notification pop ups only after succesful payment for Pro Club. Pro Club is active at the moment and its almost full 490/500

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