Where are my funds?Please help

I added money to my wallet twice overnight and still haven’t received anything. It usually gets added instantly. I don’t have any emails or notifications. The money has already been taken out of my bank though. Can anyone help me out with this?

Maybe its under review.

Lucy :heart:

Go to your Wallet > Activity and see. You can take a screenshot (edit/remove sensitive info) and share with us so we can help you further.

Yes, it was pending. Never happened to me before so not sure what happened. They also cancelled it because i didn’t have a valid ID. I lost mine and I’m in the process of getting new one. Sent my work ID, bank info, front and back of credit card and a selfie of me holding a picture that says i verify transaction with signature. Can’t believe how hard it is to try and spend money here. lol

I actually just found my ID! Anyway to speed this process up or do i have to wait for email response, 2 days later?

Hey, you can PM me with your invite code, so I can check this for you.


Sent PM. Thank you for looking into this matter.