Who's invited the most people yet?

So let’s brag about how many people have used our invite code. I’ve gotten 39 people so far.

I’ve gotten one (officially) I had forgotten to post my code with some stuff so I may or may not have gotten people that way. But officially, I’ve got one. and I’m proud of that one because it means I still got at least one person interested in the app :smile:

Well, one is always better than none. I got people from Reddit to use my code. Smartest thing I’ve done in awhile.

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I had the same thing when I had posted a link for a contest for Loot Crate. I had over 30 people that way. Though I don’t use Reddit, it was a Facebook group with about 18k people in it. Sad thing about this contest though, nobody has used it as far as I can tell.

Ha, nice! I also put my code in my Google Play review, that probably helped too. Now I just have to wait until some of those people starting buying stuff and I get an extra $4 :laughing:

That’s awesome to hear!! Thanks for spreading the word :smile: