Why are you not accepting Serbian payment cards???

Really, people - what the heck is wrong with you? You are constantly having these flops which make it hard for us from Serbia to use Gameflip without headache. First you’ve blocked SIM from this area, then (after a year) you’ve unblocked it; in the meantime you have quit support for Paypal and now this. Is there anyone in your team who is actually checking if everything is alright or you’re simply waiting to get feedback from your users?

p.s. Thanks for the $2 present the other day, it is really appreciated.

Almost the same is happening to Argentina, cant buy at all


Currently, Gameflip is not supported in all countries, but we will continue to add more countries as we grow.
At this time we may not support your country, but please keep checking back from time to time as we will eventually open up worldwide.

Can you tell us why is that @MajorTom? Argentina was supported since 2016-2017 without problems, why this now?

Rade ovi nasi mnoge prevare pa to rezultira tako, pa uzmes nas par koji cisto radimo godinama, naidjes na gameflip kao novi potencijalni sajt da prosiris svoj posao, ali prc docekaju te komsije, sugradnjani koji su vec ubrljali sta se moze ubrljati…i sve to zbog 5-10 dolara

Рођо, превараната има свуда, у свакој земљи. Нисмо ми баш најгори. Него, земља трећег света (тако нас гледају).

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