Why can't I give a review on cancelled items?

This has happened to me 3 times now. I purchase an amazon gift card, seller sends a bad code, seller lies 2 or 3 times, seller does not respond until after 24 hours and then the seller cancels the transaction. At that point I can not leave bad feedback for the scandalous seller. This was 3 separate sellers I do not dare use one again that has does this to me but there is no way to alert other buyers about these sellers. This system is plain awful, if a seller cancels an item I should be able to leave a review and I can tell quickly that if I get impatient with them they will just cancel after 24 hours. This last one told me beforehand that he was available and could send the code which I needed before a deal expired. After 7 hour he had responded twice and never sent the code. Time on the deal expired and I missed out but still have the money pending on my bank account. There has to be a way for these sellers to have some responsibility.

I cancel multiple orders a day to impatient kids that like to spam hello when profile clearly says offline. if they give you guys the ability to rate a canceled order that would be a absolute disaster. Would not make sense to give feedback on canceled orders

But I understand how your situation can be tedious.

I understand not wanting to deal with impatient kids but that is part of your business. Either way the last 2 that had cancelled on my I had asked them before I purchased if they were available. Both said yes and the transaction was cleared to go within 5 to 10 minutes since I asked. So if I ask beforehand and you tell me yes and do not deliver within a reasonable time I should be able to leave a bad review.