Why sending bitcoins from wrong exchange rates Gameflip?

I created my withdrawal request with Bitcoin exactly 3 hours ago. Bitcoin rate was 7153 on all sites and gameflip at this hour. When Bitcoins were sent to users by gameflip, the rate on all sites was 7200. But the withdrawal option in my account seems to be 7374. This is extremely wrong. bitcoin value never reached 7300 in last 24 hours
And as a result, I requested a 1060 withdrawal. And the money in my account was 1035. Why do you make the Bitcoin rate higher? I already thought we paid enough commission. I’m waiting for an explanation from you. Thanks
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what a rip off… this is a scam. seriously gameflip? where u got that number from

Its not a scam. Its your guys due diligence to compare the BTC price while withdrawing to the one on all other Crypto exchanges. Gameflip only refreshes their BTC withdrawal price every 15 min so if you want the most bang for your buck, its your job to refresh until the BTC matches the price of all other exchanges


@Tee-Toh lol, did you made any btc cashout?? We just make a request for a withdrawal (can it takes days to be send), so the rate for btc price it should be taken from that moment.

Same here, I made a cashout and they took 2.3% extra for themselves.
In my case when they sent the money the btc rate was no more than 6670 in any site but they used a 6837 value.
So in the end I received $318 from $335 that was the amount deducted from my wallet (5% fee).

@J_Diego @Tee-Toh Im using gameflip bitcoin withdraw last 1 year. Sometimes when the btc rate falls, the money sent can be reduced. That’s right. But that’s not the problem. I checked the BTC rate every minute after requesting a withdrawal. But there was no price drop. On the contrary, the price always went up. But it was never more than 7200. But when sending the gameflip btc rate agreed to be 7374? How does this happen??

I made my withdrawal request 2 hours before the money was sent

This also happened to me. The rate when I withdraw is different with the amount that arrived in my wallet. We already paid the commission and withdrawal fee… why? :sob:

again again again again… I lost $30 today… I created my request 1 hour before the sent…

and i have now $637

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Btc has not been $ 7790 for the last 1 month …

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it shows 7790$ in site??

yeah…this was 7550 on all sites around the world when I requested a withdrawal. but gameflip shows it as 7790. I made my withdrawal request 2 hours before the money was sent as always.Bitcoin hasn’t been $ 7790 for months.

I have been withdrawing money regularly for 1 year with the BTC. But such problems never happened. But this problem for the last 2 months. But unlike all the btc sites in the world for the last 2 months has been using extraordinary rates.There is a mistake. But I guess they don’t realize it. I hope the forum moderators read these posts and hear our voices

@op_JOkEr Please help me

I agree with Ewgar, who ever is doing the withdraw payouts for bitcoin starting from last month is doing a terrible job, last month when i requested a withdraw i lost more then 100$

Please go check: XZRTAZ

I didn’t bring this forward before, but if Ewgar is experiencing the same problem the second time i don’t think this should be ignored.

Looking forward to what the moderators have to say.


That’s ridiculous, as if Paypal removal and the raise on bitcoin withdraw rates change weren’t already bad enough.
Sellers already pay fees everywhere, to add funds, subscriptions, withdraw. 2% here 8% there…

All one could ask for right now is a fair bitcoin exchange rate ATLEAST.

I really like the site but come on, thats a rip off

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While i didn’t exprience huge losses in btc conversion rates like others here but i often lost around $10-20 every time i received btc from Gameflip which i didn’t bother complaining since my saying wouldn’t change anything. But by the looks of it rates are definitely inconsistent and something needs to be done since Paypal is no more and people are losing money with btc withdrawal.

Same here. i made a withdrawal for $200 only and lost around $10.

They are ripping me off too whenever i withdraw with bitcoin…They are very speculative and don’t even send your money if bitcoin’s movement is in their favor…Like increasing withdraw fees isn’t enough , they also make us lose money with these strategies.

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We already paying %2+2$ for bitcoin withdraw fee. Why they cut extra %6 %7 fee more???