Will you get banned/terminated if you buy in-game items from the game roblox. Ters and agreement are down below

Is selling or buying in-game items legal or you will not get ban from roblox.
Below is a part of the terms of agreement that I have read through and found the part relating to this topic.

Paying for Random Virtual Items. If you provide games/experiences that allow users to pay (with Robux or otherwise) for random virtual items, you must let users know the odds of receiving each type of random item (that a user might receive) prior to paying. Please note that you must disclose those odds whether the user pays directly or indirectly. Here is an example of a user paying indirectly: Your game allows a user to receive a virtual coin in exchange for Robux, the user then goes to a different place in the game and throws the coin into a fountain, and then the user gets a random virtual item. In this example, you must disclose the odds of receiving each type of random item before the user throws the virtual coin into the fountain.

If you want to check out the whole terms of agreement here is the link

Hello @Sonic,

I believe most if not for all in game items bought off other sites other than directly from the game itself are all agaisnt the games terms/rules.

Back to your question, for in game items,
No, you will not get banned/terminated for buying in game items because lots of people do that. Unless it is a Roblox Giftcard that you bought that is tagged as ‘stolen’ which is a serious offence, Roblox will not terminate your account.