Win a PS4/Xbox One/GTX 970 [UPDATE: Found it!]

Does anybody at all have a link to the new giveaway? I saw it pop up on my phone and tried to enter, but then went to another screen so that get the info I needed to actually participate. When I went back, I lost the link and nobody else on any sight (twitter/facebook) had posted a link to it. Meanwhile it’s all been quite here as well, so I’m also wondering if anybody else even knows about this new contest.

Any help or info would be nice, maybe we can get attention out that the links have not been sent out yet.

Yeah I can’t find it either… I got the notification on my phone but now I can’t get back to it.

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The worst part is how they said the drawing would be on the 3rd and that it has started on the 30th. That’s all well and good, but I didn’t get a notification till yesterday, and now its looking like I (and others like me) aren’t going to have a chance.

Maybe it was some kind of way to give back to the people who use the app? A secret drawing maybe?

Scratch that, it seems like they have put it up finally. It’s right here now :slight_smile:

i was wondering where that link was too :slightly_smiling: thanks for finding it!

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