Withdrawal issue with transfer wise Help needed.

HEllo i am a new user on game flip. i do sell roblox adopt me in game items.
Problem is when i try to withdraw my money anything above 7$ it says Pending. Anything less than 7 $ i get money instantly in to my bank. im not even getting withdrawal request emails. i have contacted customer care 3 days ago. and no reply yet :frowning: .

This is weired. i dont know what to do.How long does they take to reply??

MY code is Y489AM

Ticket id is #569169

Because you are a new user your funds will pend like this until you build your reputation with good rates and many sales. There is no set amount of rates/transactions but will be a good amount until the pending is removed completely.

This is just a precaution for new users to avoid any kind of scam attempts and to verify your funds were obtained legally

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will those pending balance goes to my wallet??

Yes after finish pending funds will go into your wallet as long as there was no scamming or fraud involved

So as long as you are making good sales and following the rules you have nothing to worry about and your funds will come @akashreturns

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