Won at Giveaway but buying not possible

Hello Gameflip Team,

First of all, THANK YOU for the 5’000 FLP.

Now I have an other problem. As is can see the Bonus-FLP will expire in 6 days.
Unfortunately my STEAM Trading is blocked for 7 days. (See Screenshot)

Now I really don’t know what to do. I would like to buy and sell some skins with this amount of FLP.

Maybe it’s possible to prolong the expiration time of my FLP’s for a few days?

Or do you know how I can solve this issue with my steam account?

Thanks a lot for you help. The support ticket is: 306786
My Gameflip Account Code is: U9GTDD

Best Regards,

Maybe buy steam gift cards if they can’t solve the issue? I would wait for a response first however

I just answered your ticket.

Thank you.