World Zero Stuff scammed: do not trust them if they buy from you

I recorded a 14 minute video where they pretend their item is region locked but it says code is already redeemed.

Edit: it seems likely they tried to trick other sellers* as well.

Kind of canceled before but only because they kept saying the code didn’t work bruh. Anyway don’t trust them


So I’m not sure what you guys can do about this situation, but if possible, I don’t even need my money returned, but they should be banned for scamming -_-

I’m ninety percent sure they just bought the code, sold it to someone else and then pretended they couldn’t redeem the code. They probably done this to multiple people.

I did cancel before trying to redeem the code (which honestly was dumb of me :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:) should have checked if the code was redeemed beforehand

I’m so confused why they would even scam 10 dollars like what?? Like I checked their reviews and they clearly did trades for more money so :eyes::eyes:

This guy clearly tried to scam other people before and threatened to leave bad reviews if they didn’t give more.

That type of person should not be on the site.

Hello @LLVegetables!

Sorry to hear that you are having issues.

Could you please inform me your order ID so I can take a look?

Godspeed! :trident:

Here is the order ID: 1367466a-bd16-41a2-8f99-dc08749b9e16

I didn’t mind them wasting my code if it was genuine but the problem was that they lied and said they couldn’t redeem it when the video shows they already did -_-

11 dollars isn’t a lot to me, but this guy is clearly a scammer.

Well, if only I remembered to dispute this stuff, too late now ig.