Wrong account ban

I created my account four days ago, and the first two days I posted two bundles and when they were sold, I need to cancel them because my brother just sold three of the items in Aoeah. Two days ago I sold a 10$ Xbox Gift Card, and yesterday I sold a GTA modded account I had when I was on Ps3, because a PS4 user want it. And this morning when I saw I had receive the money I sold, i was very happy because I need that money for paying the WIFI, and now 8 hours later I tried to enter my account and it was suspended. So now I lost my Xbox 10$ Gift Card, my Ps4 GTA modded account and my 26$ dollars I received yesterday. How can I contact Gameflip support if I can’t enter my account to get the Invite Code? And how can I know if I have a temporary or completely ban?

You should have read the rules. You aren’t allowed to sell any kind of account on Gameflip. They are prohibited and there’s a zero tolerance policy for it.