Wrongfully banned?


I was the other day on my account when suddenly i got kicked out and when i tried to log in says i cant because im an alt of a banned account.

I started on this apo more than a year ago, i tried to make an account with google account but i didnt understood very well how to verificate and all so i stopped doing it, later i decide to do it with my Facebook account with the help of a friend and it worked, so then i had 2 accounts created, but i was only using my main one the other one i left it there for my brother in case he wanted to check the app for see prices.

I was selling for a year and i have over 3.000 good reviews, no bad or neutral, with am average selling from 20 - 40 items daily and making goos budget. Suddenly my brother decide to start an argument with a guy causing my account to get ban also…

Im very mortified, i love this app so much and i use it daily, its my only income in those difficult times since i got jobless and im really worried, i also had money on my wallet that i was gonna withdraw on this days to pay my rent, bills and meds.

Im really sorry and i apologize for the troubles my brother can have cause to the other user, i didnt knew back then about making the accounts can cause this troubles, i was just trying to get in this app :pensive:. Im a very honest person and i never cause troubles on my account, if i did unintenccionally i apologize

Please help me, i beg you, i dont want to lose my account and i cant lose the money either.

Please :pensive:


Pd: Sorry to tag you, im really desperate😔

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