WTB - Humble Bundles

Hello Guys,
Im looking for Humble Bundles to buy.
Atm I want to buy the Capcom Full bundle ($15)
And the Deep silver beat the average bundle.* (~$4)
And the $1 Bundles in General.
I am willing to pay the Bundle Price + 15% + $1. Rounded up to full $.

For example $15 Bundle for $19, 2x $1 Bundle for $5 and $4 Bundle for $6.

*If Games (in this example Dead Island) is not available in your Region, I will just pay +$1.

If you’re interested comment in this post which and how many you want to sell. You have to buy the Humble Bundle as a Gift, Create a listing with a random name (like HiRomeoWhatsUp) and send me the Link as a private message here.

Hey, I got 4 $1 HB keys (18 games + 2 coupons). Would you do $12 for them to cover seller, commission, and transfer fees? They’re two of each of the newest Humble Bundles.

hm. the comission is already included. But $12 is ok with me, if they are not already claimed.
Just send me the Link to the listing as a private message then.

You wanted them sent as a gift link, right?

yes. Much safer for me. Since i dont intend to use them all at once, so I cant check them or make sure they keep intact.

OK, I’ll create the listing now.

Sure, just send me the Link to your listing as a private message here.

Messaged you about the keys.

Never mind, I’m home and can send it as a PM. I accidentally bought one without marking it as a gift, though. I can gift you the games from that bundle, though.

Also, I have another $1 bundle that I can add to this. Would you do $14.50 for them all?

Sry for the late response, I already bought it ^^
Message me when you got some more^^