Wtf is wrong with people

One man gave me Poor rating cause i canceled transaction.
I set steam platform.
He said he is from xbox…

who was it one dude orange b sold me a steam keycode and the ■■■■ was already used all he says is i dont reply send private message the ■■■■ i got to send him a private message saying he ripped me off but you cant even contact this dude because when you buy the item you cant contact the seller ■■■■ gameflip they dont do ■■■■ to help either shop at your own risk

Wow , these people really s*cks . This is why is gameflip not recommended. The transactions isnt fully guaranteed.
This is why i am not buying shipping stuff.

spam dudes page and let others know hes a scumbag tell em u wont stop till he rerates or gives you a game i just did to the orange b dude i just made him give me 2 games for the one i bought and didnt get

This dude Orange. B is a known scammer here on gameflip. Be careful.