ZERO Sales Fees: Fortnite and Roblox!


After having so much fun with Roblox and Fornite, are you wondering what to do with your unused items?!

Here’s the answer: sell on Gameflip for ZERO sales fees!

Yes! For a limited time, you can sell Fornite and Roblox items on Gameflip for absolutely no commission and fees! The full price of the sale is all yours to enhance your inventory or to cash out!

But be quick! This promotion won’t last long :star_struck:

Start selling now at

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This promotion ends on 6/14 PDT, along with CSGO and Warframe zero sales fees.

But you can still sell for zero sales fees! Apply today for the free trial of brand new Gameflip Club subscription and enjoy zero fees for the first $50 sold every month!

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