account has been suspended

profile/invite code: RPJTR8

I didn’t know I was selling something wrong.A lot of people were selling.I’ve only sold one wrong product. I’m wrong. But remove the hanger. I’m not malicious. Unable to suspend my account in the first error without giving any warning is not fair. That’s why it was made because of a $ 1 product.

How did you get your invite code? I got suspended for no reason. I didn’t use Gameflip for a couple days. I’m tryna get unbanned and I don’t know how to get my invite code

It’s a 6 character code in your profile, but you need to be logged in (not suspended) to see it. You can contact support by ticket. In the “Invite Code” form, put in the full phone number you used to register on Gameflip so they can look up your account.

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It is inside the e-mail stating that it was suspended.

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I’m sorry but your $1 dolar item was nothing but an advertisement so users could buy the item somewhere else.
Your suspension is permanent.

But the thing is I didn’t get an email about getting suspended

Hi Epic, my answer was to Ahmet, I’m going to check yours now

But I did not know that it was forbidden. And it’s unfair for you to confiscate my $ 27. I know you’re closing for sale. Why isn’t I allowed to use my non-buy money?

And I saw this product sold at another seller. Why did his account suspended while he did more sales?
Please don’t repeat the sale of something like that. Lift the sling. My first mistake was a permanent suspension.

Your suspension is permanent, i’ll look for this other seller to ban him as well, ty for the report.

You confiscated my $ 27, right? Doesn’t that make you more unfair? The first mistake to confiscate his account.
Allow me to use my money. Suspend permanently for sale. But I should be able to buy. I liked the gameflip.

I have answered your ticket, please check

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Are the suspended removed for 24 hours bro ?

Thanks for your help. The account was opened for 24 hours and suspended again. Can you completely wipe my account? I wish I wasn’t, and I’d stay in the gameflip family. But our ways are gone. It was bad that there was only one mistake, of course.

please solve my ticket the order is on hold


This is the 4th time you replied to a post causing spam here. (I already answered you in your fist page).

Please stop that. Otherwise your account here might get suspend to spamming.