Account suspended for no reasons

I literally have no clue what I did wrong I’ve been waiting 2 weeks but I still can’t sell stuff can someone please help me

Check your email inboxes for the suspension email that should also state the reason. Post your invite code here so a moderator can help you.

I am so sorry after hours last night I finally found out I had to add a credit card to list items I am so sorry

If you get suspended you wouldn’t be able to login and there would a be popup saying you’re suspended.

If you’re unable to sell, that’s because of the new requirement.

Yea it said my account was not eligible for listing then I looked that up and it said I had to add a credit card but it’s working now like I said I am so sorry I am not the brightest

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Other users have thought they were suspended like you when they saw that they couldn’t sell. It’s likely their app hasn’t been updated with the new and clearer error message.