Updated requirements to sell within Gameflip

Hey Flippers!

I’d like to announce a new set of rules for selling on Gameflip.

From now on, to list and sell items on Gameflip, your account must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included).
  • You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018
  • You have been ID verified
  • You have a long and successful track record of selling on Gameflip

We care for keeping the marketplace transparent and safe for everyone, so processes for buyer and seller qualification have been slowly rolled out across multiple areas.

IMPORTANT FOR CSGO SELLERS (BOT TRADES) We highly recommend you to qualify before attempting to list a CSGO skin using the bots. In the current state, the Gameflip bots will accept trades from sellers even if not qualified. If you sent a CSGO skin to a Gameflip Bot before getting qualified, please qualify your account to continue the listing process.

Please, let us know if you have questions. Thanks and we appreciate your understanding.


Finally !!! Thanks Gameflip !! This update is awesome. Let’s fight against those Scammers !!


Good work Gameflip!

Hope this leads to alot less scamming and works wonders for bolstering Gameflip’s reputation as a trustworthy platform :slight_smile:


I have 309 positive and one negative when I cancelled on someone who would not respond, and I cannot post anything what so ever.

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Hello @Adam_Farnsworth.

Your account isn’t old enough. So you have to follow any of the other requirements:

  • You have added a credit or debit card to your Gameflip account (prepaid card is not included).
  • You have added funds into your account after Jul 26, 2018
  • You have been ID verified


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Looks like that Zendesk link requires sign in, here is the public URL:


My friend sent me money through paypal, I was able to add funds now I can sell again :slight_smile:


im very active seller got 1200+ score, problem is i have alot of customers askin me to list them custom orders for them every day, now i cant list any item and i got alot of customers on hold waiting to get this sale thing unlocked, already ID verified but still pending.
can u check please if my acc can be unlocked cuz im kinda losing good customers here.
my code is : 7YPMF8
thanks in advance.

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So I was able to add funds through paypal via my browser (I was previously trying to use the app). However now it’s saying further verification is needed?! Wth?! My ID is expired.
It still charged me! So now it’s at about $20 tied up in gameflip that I can’t get back. Please help.

Invite code: ELEWUD

I’m gonna go ahead and do the ID verification and hopefully y’all can work with it. I have my birth certificate, SSN and my daughter’s birth certificate, all with my name on it.


You can expect 2-3 days to get response from the site. It happens each time, and it takes weeks to make sure your account is good

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I have been selling for months without a problem, am I eligible for the “long and successful track record” requirement.

Invite code: KKR9BS




Nope. It just cancelled the paypal. I’m done with this site. They pushed out my main consumer base (people under 18, who don’t have ID or credit cards). So I’m going to sell the old fashion way and hope I don’t get scammed a lot lol. I just want the money I made BEFORE the changes. They have it on hold and won’t pay out. I’m beginning to think they’re scammers themselves honestly.
Now they want all this personal info from adults (as kids can’t verify), for what? There weren’t easy ways to scam before this update. Are they gonna steal my identity?
They don’t even have a phone number, can’t talk to a human!

I’m a 30 year old housewife. I can prove I am whom I say I am. Just expired ID is all. Can’t renew until I can pay off ticket. I started gameflip for that very reason.


Lol I replied via email, I thought it was an email from support lol. Oops

i have to do at all, or just 1


Your accusations are ridiculous and unfounded. Almost no one accepts an expired ID anymore. It’s also never been easier to get a copy of your ID UNLESS you let it expire. They want the ID to prevent the massive amounts of fraud that have been taking place on this site lately. If you didn’t think there were easy ways to scam you are totally clueless. If you’ve provided that information it’s much harder to dispute a credit card or other form of payment.

They are not going to steal your identity or your whopping $20. They can make that much on the fees of a single knife. Your money is on hold because despite you saying you can prove who you are… you can’t. You don’t have a valid ID to upload. So I’d suggest going to your DMV/BMV/whatever and getting a temporary ID or paying off your ticket. I don’t know why people who don’t have proper ID always try to offer up a bunch of unrelated stuff such as their daughters info. (Great job providing her info to a company you accuse of trying to steal your information by the way.)

There were tons of easy ways to scam before the update and it was getting out of control. For what? To prevent the massive amount of scams that have appeared as of late. To be fair though even years ago you still needed to provide a valid ID to cashout any significant amount so this isn’t even new.

You seem kinda clueless and not good at this. Gameflip isn’t the place to be if you can’t wait for $20 and people who are in a hurry to get paid are the most likely to get scammed. Sounds like you need a real job. Minimum wages have never been higher. You can make that $20 back in 2 hours.


Would you like a picture of my expired ID?! I lost my unexpired DL. Like I said, I have an unpaid ticket which I will be arrested for. My paypal is confirmed with my SSN.

By all means go check out it, you can not renew at all in my state with unpaid traffic tickets. Tarrant County Texas.

As far as the consumer base, I’ve sold to maybe 3 adults.

I don’t really think they are trying to steal identities. Lol. Nevertheless I’m still not comfortable giving so much personal info to a service that doesn’t even have a phone number.

I wrote the comment when upset, so I do apologize if it seemed I was making accusatio. Doesn’t matter why or how it’s expired. I’m a terrible adult I guess. :slight_smile:

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No one wants it. It’s expired, you might as well throw it out unless it has sentimental value to you. (They are supposed to confiscate it when you get a new one.) I understand you can’t get a license with unpaid traffic tickets, pay them! I get that it’s a pain to deal with the DMV/BMV when you are behind on stuff, but it’s not something you can ignore. Yes, you are a terrible adult if you are fretting over $20, have a fear of arrest, have unpaid tickets you are unable to pay, and no license due to it. Do you think you are in an above average situation? Your life could be so much easier and will get 10x worse if you actually get arrested for this. These are issues that dumb teenagers and alcoholics/drug addicts have, not 30 year old mothers.

If only children are buying what you are selling it doesn’t seem very valuable and might even be taking advantage of them. Also, if you really want to make money as a reseller you usually need money to buy inventory to resell. You also must compete with foreign sellers that can live off like $5 USD a day. It seems like you actually need money ASAP and without money to invest it’s going to be very hard to earn anything close to US minimum wage. It can be a great earner on the side though if you spend a small amount of time each day posting.


How can i add a debet card i can only add a creditcard