Your account is not eligible for listing

I made an account on his forum to address this issue. I’m new to Gameflip and I just posted my first item and someone bought a couple days later and the notification for it got went past me so I knew two days later and I go on to see some guy threatening to report me and being a jerk and when I cancel the listing he still reports me and I can’t post anything else. I’ve tried to send a request to Gameflip through email but 3 days later and no response. I was hoping one of you guys would help.

Here are the Requirements for Selling on Gameflip.

Hope this helps :+1:

It looks you believe you got suspended because someone reported you. The message Your account is not eligible for listing is actually for everyone, as announced. If you were suspended you would not be able to login.

Please read the selling guide since you are new.

When you receive this message, there should be a link to the help article explaining what it means. Perhaps you have an older Gameflip app?