My account got Suspended

Hi, Today I’ve received an Email from Gameflip saying my account got suspended.
After reading the selling Guidelines I found out that selling accounts is prohibited, I had no Idea that what I was wrong at all. When I first joined before starting to sell I’ve came across hundreds of users selling accounts.
I have a Good rating 15G/1N/0P, I’m not a scammer and I regret doing what I did, But I feel like at least I deserve a notice or a warning before banning me forever.
I think that the banning system should be fixed, anyone who’s a scammer should be permanently banned, but If someone is doing something wrong, but not stealing money or anything bad, they should get a warning and then a ban if they do it again.

I feel sad and frustrated, I recently joined and I was loving this site, bought lots of stuff and sold many too.
I was happy with the website to the point I kept all the money I made and not withdrawing.
And guess what happens all of my money gut stuck.

I hope that someone from the gameflip team sees this and take a second look at my account.
I acknowledge that what I did was a mistake, but I would appreciate getting a second chance.

By your customer and user
Ahmed Gaddah

My Code: 9R3VF5