Account Suspended , i need transfer my money!!!

woke up to a notification my account was suspended and my $69.12
is just sitting in the account which I cannot transfer to my paypal account Does not say how long the suspension is for or anything!

I like to know what will happen with my $69 that are stuck in the account. You guys do not have the right to take that money away from me, I earned it by honestly working for months on your site. I have had many satisfied customers on Gameflip.
can you @DunnBiscuit please help me unsuspend my account so I can transfer my money
to my paypal. my invite is Code: CCRJTW, thank you!

The Gameflip account was suspended for account selling. A reply has been sent to the ticket you original sent to customer support.

Hi, Today I’ve received an Email from Gameflip saying my account got suspended.
After reading the selling Guidelines I found out that selling accounts is prohibited, I had no Idea that what I was wrong at all. When I first joined before starting to sell I’ve came across hundreds of users selling accounts.
I have a Good rating 15G/1N/0P, I’m not a scammer and I regret doing what I did, But I feel like at least I deserve a notice or a warning before banning me forever.
I think that the banning system should be fixed, anyone who’s a scammer should be permanently banned, but If someone is doing something wrong, but not stealing money or anything bad, they should get a warning and then a ban if they do it again.

I feel sad and frustrated, I recently joined and I was loving this site, bought lots of stuff and sold many too.
I was happy with the website to the point I kept all the money I made and not withdrawing.
And guess what happens all of my money gut stuck.

I hope that someone from the gameflip team sees this and take a second look at my account.
I acknowledge that what I did was a mistake, but I would appreciate getting a second chance.

By your customer and user
Ahmed Gaddah

You really shouldn’t revive old threads that have been resolved or died.
I see that you have already made your own thread here My account got Suspended
That thread will get staff’s attention eventually without you posting on multiple threads.

Yes, sorry.
I was just desperate for help.

Actually my account just got unsuspended.