My account has been suspended!!! WITH $173 in my wallet

Please help me my account has been suspended those $173 were going into my husbands Father’s Day present and our monthly bills. I had $173 into my account and I transferred $170( due to PayPal transfer fees) to my PayPal and for some reason 24 hours later I get a notification that PayPal declined my transfer and then I checked my account to see what was wrong and my account was suspended I have no idea as to what has happened. Please help me I had 12+ positive reviews and I am very confused. Please help me

Check your inbox to see if Gameflip gave an email reason for the suspension. Did you or someone who uses your account sold accounts or Rocket League items in the Fortnite category to avoid fees?

Leave your invite code so a forum moderator can help you, or you can contact

No I did not and how can I get my invite code if I am suspended?

The invite code is for moderators to look up your Gameflip account. You can private message a moderator the phone number you used to register on Gameflip instead of the invite code. Note that you have to be a “Basic User” to see the message button, which is visible if you have browsed the forum for 15+ minutes (in your own forum profile it’s called “read time”).

Okay I’ll keep reading for 6 more minutes so I can message thank you so much

Hi I sent a pm

i have exactly the same issue. Im sorry to say but theyre basically taking your money, ive been waiting for a reply for about 4 days and theyve just ignored me

Hopefully they’ll respond to me and you because they’re not trying to take our money it was most likely a misunderstanding and they have an authority that we don’t so we just have to wait and see. The problem is our phone bill needs to be paid by June 20th and I was planning on spending those $170 on it

well them taking our money im pretty sure thats fraud?

They have almost replied to my emails instantly but when it comes to my money, thats it NOBODY reponds, ive pm’d admins, Still no response

Well that’s maybe because you have complained to them just try to be polite

i did the first 3 mails, ive just lost my patience

If they don’t end up fixing the issue and they end up keeping the money, make sure to write a complaint on BBB. No matter if they say you broke the TOS or something related, they still cannot keep the money.

You see cowboy is that I didn’t break any terms of service I literally only sold my sons items on rocket league to earn some money for him and for his dad/my husband and I did absolutely nothing wrong I didn’t switch to fortnite bundles I didn’t sell accounts I only sold items and my account was banned with $173 in the wallet. That is why I am very frustrated and I need help

Good luck, the help desk is awfull.
So slow reponse, only a moderator can help you.
7 days for make a payout to my paypal… lol.

Whats bbb?

anyone had their problem fixed yet?

Nope they still haven’t responded

I am thinking they suspended my account because they thought I created multiple accounts since me and my son share the same address. I still did not break any terms of service so therefore they can not suspend me.

they sorted my problem, i sent them an email to tell them to lift my suspension for 24 so i can withdraw my money. do that and tell me if it works