Account suspended and can't get help


Last night I had tried to verify my account, I uploaded the required pictures of my ID document (drivers license) and a selfie of myself with it, but I see it was declined and my account is now suspended. Can you guys please unsuspend my account and let me know what was wrong so that can correct it and get my account verified?
I can’t request support or create a support ticket because the site asks for an invite code that you can’t get if your account is suspended…


Can anybody help me?
They claim that it was due to multiple declined charges, but all the charges were through Paypal, and all using the 1 credit card I have which I can prove is under my name.
I just want to take my money out, I won’t even use the site afterwards.

Hey PM me and send the phone number you used to create the account so I can find it and give you more information about this.


I found their online support(email) wasn’t helpful at all(they stated that the account was permanently suspended that that’s the end of the story), but I opened a Paypal dispute(I loaded the funds into my wallet using Paypal) and within a few hours, they responded, unblocked my account and gave me the proper reason for why my account was incorrectly suspended(which sounded like a reasonable mistake).

It’s 2 extremely contrasting experiences, the email support actually made me angrier and want to take things further but whoever I dealt with on the PayPal dispute really made an effort, and I’m more inclined to continue using the site because of it. That person deserves a raise!

Wait so ur unbanned? Ask @DunnBiscuit to check your case he administrator

Thanks, i was, but the guy who manages the PayPal stuff unbanned me.
I guess this can be closed. Thanks for the help everyone

Ok good luck then

Thats good, they refuse to help me. It took 6 months to get my fubds from the wallet. I even explained that since the update every time I buy say 7 or 8 dogital movies in one sitting the app starts to freeze. Then it would stop and I would have to close and reopen it.

Upon the second opening and attempt to purchase even after reporting the bug through their own app several times. Each time I was banned. The first time they unbanned me 8 months later. This time they claim Im perma banned for fraud.

I dont see how I did fraud Ive paid for everything Ive gotten and even reported people who were stealing from others. Its to bad I still had over 700 video games and dvda to sell off. So their loss no cash for them to feed off of.

Do you mind sending me your invite code via PM so I can check your suspension?