Account has been suspended

Hi, I would like to know why my account has been suspended. I have done nothing wrong and of course I cannot cash out my $125 pending that I earned. I am now out that money and would like a reason as to why my account has been suspended. I have had nothing but good feedback. I sell on other sites and I am not treated this way.


have u got your money? because i have the same probel and its 700£

Hey guys,my account has ben also banned -.- I know who reported me guy DeadlyVirus or something, can buyers rate me now, because i have something sold but they didn’t accepted yet, could they now ? Since i can’t comment or post anything anymore

Not possible to get the money you earned when suspended, which is pretty much a scam when you did nothing wrong.

I sen’t mail to their support. I only want my money, let them keep account.

Seeling random games? Used games? Asking to rate before to sent item etc etc?

The same thing happened to me and the support team said I scammed someone which I didn’t do they stole my money. You should just kiss your money away cuz gameflip is retarded

All suspensions take place based on evidence. If you feel that you wrongly suspended, pleae contact our support team.

If they say that the decision is final regarding this, unfortunately it is final.

It has happened to me too and I had 40 something dollars I’m just waiting for a response

If it final it is not legal to keep the guys money u can ban but not steal this is not right