Account Suspension For NO REASON!!! HELP!!!

So my account got suspended for NO reason!!! I contacted Gameflip support and they took about a week just to tell me why I got suspended!!! A week!!! It was because I created multiple accounts and said I was involved in fraudulent activity! All my ratings were positive and I had created another account to sell different items! I had no idea you could only have 1 account??? And worst part is they Suspended my account in the middle of a transaction. I was never able to contact the buyer after his purchase due to this stupid Suspension!!! Not to mention I have about $10 in funds on that account!!! Gameflip can you please unsuspend my account! I haven’t done anything wrong, all I sold we’re Rocket League items!!! If you can’t unsuspend it then at least transfer my funds out of my Gameflip wallet into my PayPal which is already linked to my account! In all this whole situation is ridiculous!!! How much longer to I have to wait to get my money? All my sales were legitimate!!! At least lift the Suspension for me to cash out my Gameflip wallet balance! My account name is AndreyTaylor I don’t know the invite code because my account has been suspended

Bro 10 is nothing i have 400$ sitting in my account

Can you please send me the ticket number so I can check it for you?

As said your account is permanently suspended. Don’t make me suspend this alternate account of yours as well.

Ok i am sorry but is there nothing i can do to recieve my money in my balance it was hard earned money and all i care about is my money rn

No, there is nothing you can do.

You should’ve thought about your money and your account before trying to scam users.

Is there a way i can have u trust lme i only want a littlr bit of time to cashout like 4 hours only i promise plus if i dont “randomly” post messages u guys can easily cancel the payment and delete the messages from the post

I think this is it! (224316)