Suspended for no reason!!!!

My account was suspended for fraudulent activities and using two accounts.
I never made two accounts first account was linked two fb I have spent around $15 through gameflip but when I purchased $15 to add to my wallet i got suspended for fraud.I cant get it what is wrong with gameflip.
I made second account after my first one was banned to tell seller about suspension but they even suspended my second account which didn’t even have a payment method selected and it message was saying that i got banned for fraudulent activities.
Wow i mean i cant even use my own credit card through PayPal to buy on gameflip this site just wants me to leave.
When I contacted them and asked for proof that i have done fraud they said suspension is permanent and can’t be lifted even if it was done mistakenly.PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE I just wanted to buy rocket league stuff from gameflip.

Hey, can you send me via PM your invite code if possible so I can check this situation for you?

How i can do fraud with my own credit card to myself

If I would have been using a fake credit card or something like that the paypal would have blocked me right away my PayPal account still works and i cant send you any proof you need regarding my credit card

Yea i also got banned they need to realize that people learn from there mistakes and that they shouldnt completly ban they should give a warnimg suspension for like 1 suspension for scamming(like a week or a long one) and then ban forever not just straight up ban

Gameflip support is the absolute worst customer service that exists. They have banned me twice for being “suspicious” and I have lost over $100 from using this horrible website. Just recently I lost an account that had 109 positive ratings because I signed into my old banned account just to check if my paypal was on there, hence being the reason I couldn’t link it to my new one. Don’t get any false hope of getting your account back. Sorry, but it won’t happen.


I’m seeing that you are spamming the forum with the same message.

Please do not do that, or i’ll have to suspend here as well.

Please send me your invite code via PM so I can check your account and give you more information.