My account Suspended for no reason

so i dont know which reason my account suspended and i wanna know as well for how much time is the ban
i sended a ticket but still no respone if someone can help me in any kind of help
(i want to know for how much time is the ban and from the staff i want to know for what reason i got banned)

Hey, please, contact me via PM and send your invite code. I’ll be able to check it and help you further.


Gameflip have taken $60 out of my account and shut my accounts down. They are scamming cunts

They have banned my account too for doing fraud with my own credit card to myself.Yay i just frauded myself

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This is the reply back when I asked where has my money gone and I would like it back. Wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even scam anyone. Only people scamming here are Gameflip

You failed to mention and understand that you are a scammer who tried to take advantage of others by impersonating Gameflip. You should have read the rules and not attempt such pathetic and lowly activities. Your account and everything is gone. You are not welcomed backed.


Do I care i would rather go and sell on ebay anyway more money and traffic lol noobs

Well, no one gonna miss a scammer here.


He was just suspended here as well.

Thanks for the support guys.

If you “don’t care” stop crying all over the forum, STFU and leave. Don’t worry about responding, you won’t be able to anyway.

P.S Try your pathetic antics on other sites like this and you will be hunted down as well. There’s no where to hide, you sore loser of a scammer.

I was also banned gameflip needs to give people second chances the need to know that we are humans and humans make mistakes