gameflip suspended my account permanently for no reason

my gameflip account came under attack by a potential hacker who attempted to get my account and threatened to ruin my reputation, so when i brought the issue to gameflips attention, i thought that would be the end of it but after a couple weeks my account has been perminantly suspended for Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity which i have done neither, im disappointed that gameflips support is doing nothing to resolve this issue all they have done is suspend my account which had about $90 on it, and told me im in the wrong for reporting a real threat to their website.


You should post up the Invite Code for your account here to help the Moderators find your account.


thanks brashen.
my code is XXUS7N

:+1: Good Luck

Your account was suspended due to you asking money for gas within a sale. Your intention is the same as asking the user to rate before he/she could get the item purchased.

This is not allowed, and a suspension was placed in your account.

seriously? did you read that i was warning people not to do the trade and to not listen to the people who are asking for it
i canceled any trade that anyone bought and refunded their money all i was doing was warning people to not do it