Account suspended for nothing AGAIN

So second time now my account been suspended. Ive had a seller hold a code saying it was used when it wasnt for nearly a month now and i get suspended? Very strange website. Please look in to my account i will leave the code to it below as i couldnt even sign in on forums to ask for help and had to make this to resolve my issue and receive my money from sale!
Code: CCGQ4R

My account was suspended as well and I’ve submitted a ticket but not necessarily sure why it was suspended considering I’ve never owned another Gameflip account even though it stated it was suspended due to having a previous suspended account. I don’t have an issue if the suspension won’t be lifted but I would like to retrieve the money that was on that account which I use for food for my kids and diapers for my young one as well as have a purchase for a heatwave on Rocket league canceled considering I can’t accept it without access to the account. I’ve had the account for several months and have never had any problems up until this point. I would like to continue to use Gameflip to put food on the table for my family but I can’t do that with a suspended account and due to the terms and service I can’t create a second one. Please help me out I always follow the guidelines. If anything I hope they allow me to retrieve any funds on the account so my kid doesn’t go hungry. Hopefully they have a heart

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Unfortunately, your account was permanently suspended since you were asking users to rate before sending the code or items their purchased.

Unfortunately I can’t provide you further help.

No i never? My pc was keylogged last week and all my info was available to the guy who keylogged me. I dont know if he had access to my gameflip but thats all i can think of. I want my account back i deserve my money from the sale!

Still banned …

You will probably remain permanently suspended unfortunately. “Being keylogged” or hacked is a very weak defense for your case and unless you have proof I don’t see it going anywhere.

yea they banned me for warning people about scammers and telling peopl to not trade with them i would recommend dont use gameflip its a dodgy site

@Psyco_Brumak Dunn has already addressed your case and that is not the reason why they suspended you.

and i stated in the trades to not trust anyone if they said that

Can I get access to my account again now… waited a long year

Please don’t post on topics that months to years old.
You already got your answer.

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