Suspended for NOTHING with funds in wallet

My code: CCGQ4R
So i only joined this website about a week ago! I start selling xbox codes. I get email saying i need to edit one of my listings as it involves doing deals off site. I had over 20 listings at the time. I didnt know specifically what i was meant to delete as i wasnt told. Days go by and i receive email my account suspended, great!! Now i have buyers who bought codes waiting for me to accept and rate to receive more money. I have 80$+ in my wallet and cant even pay it out to any payment option. You would think the owners and support team on here would at least give new users a break or actually TELL THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO REMOVE OFF LISTING DESCRIPTIONS so we dont have to look at all listings to find out ourselves… its like its set up so they can infact suspend your account and keep your money, sort of scamming in my eyes. Ive tried emailing what about my wallet how will i receive my funds NO REPLY days later. What awful support team. First few days on here i thought what a great site but no… knew it was to good to be true, always is. I want my money from wallet ASAP i have bills to pay and family to provide to. I want a response ASAP

23hour and still no reply what a poor support team cant believe they can just keep money like this

I checked your account and saw that you were suspended since your conducting sales outside Gameflip.

The suspension is permanent.

I can’t help you further.