Gameflip suspendeds accounts for fun!! AVOID SCAM SITE (READ)

You people suspend my account till 2019 with 80$ in for spamming? Really? So first it was conducting sales outside gameflip which i still wasnt told months later what exactly it was which i needed to remove out of my listing descriptions!! So after asking for weeks on weeks with no reply to my questions about when i can receive my money from wallet or why i was suspendeded i post more to try get answers!! You suspend me for a year. Absolute scam site. Want my account wallet money how you people think you can keep hold of peoples money who use this site with a suspension is a JOKE!! I dont care what the person done they should have access to the money they made from sales on here if legitly earned, its robbery! I Have 2 buyers who have been waiting for me to rate them so i can receive more money also which has been waiting for months now.
My code for main account: CCGQ4R
I will take this futher to sue and advise as many people to avoid this scam site if you guys “admins” think you can keep hold of my legiit earned money for a year for “spamming” when in reality i was asking for answers!! Pathetic support team dont advise anyone to use this website at all.

It sounds like you broke a few rules, weren’t patient enough, and annoyed some of the wrong people.
Either way

Right to Refuse Service
Gameflip’s services are not available to temporarily or indefinitely suspended Gameflip members. Gameflip reserves the right, in Gameflip’s sole discretion, to cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts. Gameflip reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

You agreed to this and a lot of other things saying that they can legally do this.

I dont care what i did, they should NOT be allowed to hold your money when suspended. Suspension for a year for something such as “spamming” when infact i was spamming due to no answer being given for weeks. Worst experience ive ever had and recommend nobody to use this terrible website when dealing with giftcards. Absolute scam site


After checking your account (even though you broke some rules), I can unsuspend your account and let this as warning if you agree not to sell or direct users to trades outside the Marketplace.

What do you think?

Thank you.


please kindly help un suspend a friend account that was suspected to brake the same rule, because most of his fun are trap down in the suspended account …he is willing to agree not to sell or direct users to trades outside the Marketplace…if you help him to unsuspend his account please …help save a life

Thats fine, please unsuspend it. I didnt know i even realise i did have it in my description on a listing. I wont be doing it ever again. Sorry for breaking the rule

In order to finish this.

Please, contact me via PM, so I can keep this registered.


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Sent you a pm, did you mean send u a pm on my suspended account? Its still suspended please unsuspend it so i can rate my buyers and received/withdraw my money thanks

Hello? Sent you a pm so you can “register” is please unsuspend my account now

Still havent unsuspended my account ? I pmd you last night

gameflip support sucks like his protection of buyers/sellers… just close gameflip and start using other platforms for selling… over and out


I’ll check your PM shortly.

Bear in mind that I’m not online here all the time.

Thank you.

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