Well im new to gameflip and never had issue with them before i was buying and selling a lot and i already got verified for this before because my payment was under need approval and was over 100$ well 3 days ago i withdrawled 400$ and right at this moment my account got suspended for

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Scamming other users with listing comments from an alternate account

im new to gameflip and theres no way if i passed the test 6 days agto and i do it 3 days after and got suspended i really need this money because if i dont i might get kickedout of my appartement in real life i beg for help plz invite code: 9SKH5K

Please dont spam the fourms with a post you already made once.

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@Tali @DunnBiscuit

Hahaha is that You Game Confirmation? Have fun now. Karma is a betch

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no i havent my name was katy(ONLINE) THE WHOLE TIME

No. You are the scammer with email exeklp

taking ip is illegal and do u have proof? im new to gameflip btw i havend scammed any1

See theres karma and god? U were daily scamming now u got banned. Take it. Thats why i havent seen u on the comments from like 2 days scamming people

look i dont know how to put it in word im french but i havent scammed any1 i only sell stuff on there

if you have my ip you would have know i live in canada in quebec?

Your English is perfect. Look I dont care. They caught You and You got what You deserved You wont be unbanned

i havent done anything dude

Hello, unfortunately due to the reason you were suspended, I’m unable to provide further help, I’m sorry.

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You just made my day. Sell Confirmation just got karmed. Thanks You @DunnBiscuit

lol well if you ask @DunnBiscuit ur wrong @Vladislav_Todorov but still im going to the police will all the receipt of all transaction and we ll settle this

i havent done anything wrong if i did as you say im a stupid enough to go thepolice and snitch myself for fraud or wtv nah…. it wouldnt make any sense so i wont answer anymore i took screenshot of all my trnaaction completed that i got and going to the police with this right now thx you for not even telling me why i got suspended… see ya on the phone with an officer

Okay @Vladislav_Todorov no need to keep attacking @katymontmigny

@Dunnbiscuit & @katymontmigny have already discussed the issues.

No need to keep thinking Sell Confirmation and @katymontmigny are the same person.

Regardless if they’re or they’re not its better to drop that topic. Please stop harassing.

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and im gessing some people have been banned just becaus of what Vladislav have done by accusing me and harring me so does he fkng diserve a ban too? lol

I mean the email would of give you a reason why.
Normally companies don’t go into alot of detail with the reaaon but they would of give you the reason in the email.

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Normally most things get a warning if they found guilty.

There a few things that would get you temporary and permanent suspended.

If there alot of reports for the same thing gameflip would look into it.

Gameflip wouldnt banned people without good evidence.
Gameflip wouldn’t assume things.

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