hey guys i got syuspended with 600$ dollars on my account

Hi katy (ONLINE),

We’ve suspended your account for the following reason:

Scamming other users with listing comments from an alternate account

i never did that im new to gameflip and i really need that money plz guys if i dont get this payment till 9 days im gonna be kicked out of my appartement in real life i really need help im new to gameflip i swear i never did this i really need to get this money can somebody help me speak to a moderator plz

Gameflip can check if you have alternate/previous accounts that were used for scamming, and of course look at your current account for scam comments/listings.

Gameflip is very good at finding people who cheating the system or scamming. Gameflip don’t take kindly of these people who do things like this.

If you think Gameflip made a mistake then private message the moderator the phone number you registered on Gameflip. The “Message” button will appear when you have browsed the forums for 10-15+ minutes.

Don’t post your number or email here.

(Being its the weekend you may not get a reply from them into Monday morning.)

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as i said before im new can you tell be step by step on how to pm him plz

Okay just browse the forums and you should get a badge called Basic User after like 10 to 15 minutes.
Once you get that click this LINK it will take you to @DunnBiscuit profile. They’re one of the moderators on the forum who can give you the answer you want. Once you go to that link after you become a Basic User you will see message on there profile.
Message = Private chat with the person.

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Being you know the invite code to your banned account you can message @DunnBiscuit that being they will need it too.

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@CidxLucy thats thd guy who is making new accounts where he scams on comments. The guy ive been reporting for soooo long. His email was exeklp3000 i think. They got u man. Immm sooo happy hahaha. Karmaaaa

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i havent done anything buddy my account username was KATY(ONLINE)

Ye okay. Gameflip thinks otherwise. Bro theres karma, take it. You are done. Hope you learn your lesson and stop scamming people

That’s awesome, how do you know that?

i think u replied to the wrong post but its all good bud well i once got scammed i posted my gt in the comment come1 bought it n i got a message on my Xbox but i havent cheked the gt that the one who bought it so i lost a heatwave i got scammed a lot of times and each time i repost some1 for scamming i got suspended is that normal?

I just know it. From 30 days there is one sale confirmation only and here we have the only one suspended for commenting on posts and scamming. So thats him

no that not me at all my acc wasent even existing 30 days ago heres my account https://gameflip.com/item/apex-titanium-white/72b9c4d6-ce55-4195-a7b1-8a4f382f2976

You are sale confirmation