Suspended for comment scamming

Ok I just started selling stuff on gameflip and the only comments I posted was on my own items when another user tried to comment scam me. Then I was suspended for comment scamming WHEN I NEVER COMMENTED ON OTHER USERs’ ITEMS. DID I SCAMMED FROM NOT SCAMMING MYSELF?!?!?

One of the moderators should respond within a certain time, they should be able to inform you the exact reasoning to your suspension. However, if this is the case they should be able to un-suspend you. Wish you the best of luck!

Thx hopefully they don’t take my hard earned money.

quick questions
Whats your invite code?
Were you selling any sort of accounts?
What were your exact comments and did you ever comment anything else?

I don’t know what an invite code is.
I don’t sell accounts.
And my comments were basically hey what’s your gamer tag and come on bro you bought my item as I was messing with the person who was trying to scam me.

That’s why you were banned. " IMPORTANT: Avoid scamming, DO NOT give out sensitive information such as PayPal account, phone number, Steam or Game ID. Purchases outside of Gameflip will NOT be protected under Gameflip Guarantee." is under every text box at least on the website (use that more than the app).

You were requesting information that’s usually only requested by people scamming or looking to do business outside gameflip to avoid fees. (The latter will then come back here to complain and demand a refund when they get scammed trying to avoid fees.) It all sounds pretty sketchy and since you mentioned your “hard earned money” (the standard scammer play for sympathy on here) it’s not easy to believe you. If you really weren’t scamming this guy played you like a fiddle apparently and duped you into breaking the rules.

But what refund he never bought any item?!?!
And hard earned money as in the items I already sold.
And sensitive info that’s in his profile.

And look at my account if your so suspensious. It’s the same name Espiet speedro and look at the sold items

So I can’t do anything 6 dollars from selling items and 20 dollars that I worked my ■■■■ off from work that I just got fired from due to intense vomiting

You asked for a GamerTag and got suspended for that reason. You won’t be able to get your money back, since your account is gone.
You broke the rules from this site and thats what happens for doing so.@000 already gave you an indepth explanation.

The invite code is for the forum moderators to look up your Gameflip account. If you’re unable to get it since you’re suspended, you can private message the moderator the phone number you registered on Gameflip and ask them for help.

Hello, guys. My acc was suspended for selling TWITCH PRIME ACCOUNT. I didnt know that you cant sell accounts on gameflip, i didnt try to scam someone as you can see i just selling pubg and sometimes gift codes items and now most of my money stuck on gameflip. Can someone help me, please? I have all good ratings for 250+ sales. I didnt check my e-mail so often, cuz it’s old and same with phone number. Im not even sure what phone number is connected to my gameflip account, because i didnt receive any warning messages on my main phone. Thanks a lot for the help and support! My code: BE8YQZ.