My suspension is 30 days but why my account is still suspended after 30 days :( so sad

This is one of my buyer… see how im good in selling code… my buyer want me to put a good rating but my account suspended… i know i made one mistake so please gameflip dont make my suspension permanet :frowning: i love seliing codes here in gameflip and i love to read a comment about how good i am in my customers. So please i need your undestanding… Thank you godbless and more power :slight_smile:


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What did you do because I don’t think they give a lot of permanent suspensions if it’s your first screw up

I got suspended for impersinating them but i was dumb thry said to pay the woman i scammed and then they would unban but they didnt

In that case I can respectfully say I hope it’s permanent and you stay off of gameflip for good. :wink:

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I payed and i said sorry its not fair people deserve second chances

Plus i would love to sell on gameflip but if not i need to cashout my 400+$

Chances are support will at least lift the ban for 24 hours to let you cash out but I’m just judging based off of what I’ve seen in the past so i dont know

That would be great if i could continue selling i would love it if not i need my money but thanks for responding

What i do is someone buy my codes then redeem it after he used it he filed a disputed in our transaction and want a refund.

Then i was angry at that time so i spit bad words.

Hello guys, I know your cases and I answered or I’m trying to answer you the best as I can.

Unfortunately you guys keep spamming the forums, so I’ll ask, please don’t.

If the spam continues your account will be suspended here as well.

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Ok i am sorry i wont spam

Scammers don’t deserve a second chance, hope you stay banned.

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Im pretty sure everyone deserves a second chance if u would have been in my sleeve i would have help u out but i guess u can continue being greedy

I would never be in your shoes since I`m not (and never will be) a scamming low life so that’s an invalid excuse. How am I being called greedy when YOU are the one who is trying to scam people for money? Logic much?

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Im just saying it was my first and last attempt im pretty sure u have made a big mistake in your life so just stop

I have made 0 so called ‘mistakes’ in which I KNOWINGLY tried to defraud someone. Again I hope your ban stays permanent since there should be no place for scammers in any community.

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Yes i stopped i made a silly mistake so please stop spamming the forums

its march 31 and my account is still on suspended :frowning:

@DunnBiscuit sir dunn please help me withdraw my money on my account :frowning: i need that so bad…