Why my account suspended? help me please!

Hi, this is my account on gameflip, today I have been suspended because Exploitation of Gameflip’s marketplace and/or Credits system

I really don’t know what that mean, please tell me why, and help me unban, I have a lot of rates and money in that account!
My invite code: 2D6GWZ

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i think they ban you because you use alts account to get club membership and get less fees… but i’m not sure if they allow it or not

no bro, I just selling in that account

@Tali @DunnBiscuit please help!!!

So you’re permanent suspended?
Just because you have a lot of rating / money on the account doesn’t mean much sadly.
If you truly did break ToS and it’s not a temporary suspension but a permanent suspended you losed it all.

Being you said exploiting the marketplace it does not sound good.
The only thing it maybe is
“Creating multiple accounts and/or conducting in fake sales”

If it’s a error and you got suspended I hope you get it back but if you exploited the system you will lose it all and be banned.

I wish you luck.

Lucy :heart:

Are you a mod from gameflip Lucy?
I don’t know why my account being suspended, at least gameflip should show me reason and let me expain. If I do something wrong, I think they should warning me to fix before decide banning me.

I am not.
These are all the mods.
They should of send you a email with a reason.
Once tali or dunbiscuit get on they will give you a better answer and they may fix it.

If they pen banned you without a warning
It’s a misunderstanding on there part and they will fix it or the reason you was banned was breaking ToS and it jump right to pen banned because it was very bad.

I guess there are somethings in the TOS that go beyond first time warnings.

However as Cidxlucy said , the mods would help answer your question in detail as to why this suspension is carried out with evidence supporting it.

I wish you luck also. :slight_smile:

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you were committing cheat, selling 1 items for 334 or more, items dota 2, some gameflip cheating detected because of this, and it’s not just you. everyone involved was banned. It’s what I think! and I believe I have seen you selling such items and another from whom I bought a butterfly. ( https://gameflip.com/item/-butterfly-knife-safari-mesh-field-tested-/fa365266-bcef-4e3f-b762-b3bf3aade8c4 )
I asked him why the high prices and he answered me this:


this item : https://gameflip.com/item/hydrakan-latch/c2f71005-987e-43c9-b4d5-e3e3b3196082

banned for similar reason.

explain for what you seling items for this price ?

He added me on steam to say these things. Mod’s will know what to do

I don’t know this guy bro @Turbo_Skins
Never sell or buy anything with him.

We don’t need to naming and shaming on forums.
Let wait into @Tali @DunnBiscuit get on so they can help @hoanganhphan963

Please everyone don’t attack people on the forums.

We have moderators for a reason.

Lucy :heart:

did not say he bought or sold for it, I said I saw you selling items worth 334 that were worth $ 1 exactly the same thing he was doing. said that you were doing the same thing which, in my opinion, sounds like fraud, since I saw everyone banned. but who will look at this are the mod’s I’m just saying what I “think” and passing information as far as I know. below the listings of who I saw being suspended. great day !

Hello, if you want to appeal to your suspension, please, send our support team a ticket.

hi @DunnBiscuit, I already sent ticket directly when I have been suspended. Now I’m waiting for answer.
Can you help me tell them unban for me or something? I don’t want to lost my account, I have worked in here for a long time.

Unfortunately I can’t help you here due to the reason you are suspended.

Only the support team will be able to provide further help. I’ll contact them to review your case asap.

Thank you.