Suspended for buyer reason.. now gameflip has my 400 usd

Im being suspended because i get angry on my buyer he used my code then file a dispute on transaction… Im just a people get angry when i see people taking advantage… So please gameflip let me withdraw my money…

You were already replied. Posting again won’t change the outcome. Extreme harassment and hate speech is definitely not ok whatsoever.

“After looking into this we see this account was suspended for extreme harassment including hate speech. Such behavior is not tolerated in our marketplace. As a result, a suspension was placed on this account.”

Ok… so im going to say goodbye on my money ?

You can try to explain to support, maybe they will unsuspend you just to withdraw money.

Done :slight_smile:

i only want a 24 hour unsuspension for cash out u guys said i would get unbanned if i payed back i only want to cash out then ban my account again @DunnBiscuit @AponeGF

This is one of my buyer… see how im good in selling code… my buyer want me to put a good rating but my account suspended… i know i made one mistake so please gameflip dont make my suspension permanet :frowning: i love seliing codes in gameflip and i love to read a comment about how good i am in my customers.

Gameflips is very stuborn about this, they won’t unban you. Take this as a lesson for the future.

Well, dunnbiscuit said that my suspension is 30 days only.


So you have to wait 30days, just wait. After 30 days you will able again to sell and buy. Also, this should be lesson for you, so next time I hope you wont make same mistake again.

Yes my friend, i learn from my mistake.