Suspended for no reason, Gameflip has my money!!!

I woke up to a notification my account was suspended and my 94$ is just sitting in the account which I cannot transfer to my paypal. Angry is an under statement. Does not say how long the suspension is for or anything!!

@DunnBiscuit can you please help unsuspend my account so I can transfer my 94$ to my paypal. I was suspended for no reason and cannot get my money, my invite code is 3S7XHL, thank you!

Hey, as I checked, the suspension was removed already.

They emailed me saying it has been lifted for 24 hours, I emailed them back asking after the 24 hours how long will it be suspended, anyway you can tell?.

I already discuss 11 days concerning the destiny of my banned account here. Maybe I need to spend all my life for this topic. I’m really tired.

You had 24 hours to withdraw your money. After that the account got suspended again.

If this happened, the suspension is permanent.

sir dunnbiscuit, my account just suspended too because small thing in customer i got litte angry… can you help me ?

this is my invite code UV2UNT

Your suspension was placed due to harassment, the suspension will lat 30 days at least.

Contact us then so we can review your case.

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Thank you very much sir dunnbiscuit :innocent: youre such a good man… godbless

Sir dunn, can you give me exact date of my suspension end ?

@DunnBiscuit all i ask is for cashout please it is not fair u said if i paid i would get unbanned

Do you mind sending me a PM so I can check how long it will last precisely?


@DunnBiscuit Pm sent sir.

Please help me i completely understand how u feel 100,000% i have over 1300$ sitting n my gameflip account and i woke up this morning to a suspended account and it wont even let me log in and I never even got an email regarding the suspension i need this dealt with immediately. To say this is ridiculous is beyond an understatement! PLEASE help me the account i need help with is username: nolanrogers14 and I need this money to live on please do not get me evicted. I need this dealt with immediatly.

sir dunnbiscuit may you please help me out, i cannot get evicted and need this money out and into my bank as soon as possible. thank you for your time

Hey @Nolan_Rogers I unsuspended your account, you may withdraw your monay. after that the account will be permanently suspended.

Please help me I’m in a similar situation and PMd u all my details

sir dunn me too let me withdraw my money on mu account.