My account suspended 1

My account is suspended . but i have 1000$ in my account , if you can’t open my account again pls give me my money ?? I waited 2 week and don’t see gameflip pay my money , pls help @DunnBiscuit . My profile code is 6S8ABZ

You should of got a email with the reason you was banned.

Lucy :heart:

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I see you were suspended selling forbbiden items and If you agree not to sell those again, I can remove the suspension.

Is that okay?

Thank you.

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yes @DunnBiscuit . I agree , i will not to sell those again , thks boss :slight_smile: pls remove the suspension


They are very busy ppl he will get to it when he has time doo not keep tagging him

yeah i know , i will wait

I could unsuspend you, you may use your account normally.


thks boss , have good day

@DunnBiscuit Hi Dunn, My acc have some refund for some order 1 month ago? How long i must warranty for my code? 3 days? 7 days?

And why my acc locked again?

Order ID 7ab59a8e-5cf5-4b41-bb22-9baa6f5046c1
Buy Date Apr 14, 2019, Refund May 10.
Order ID b248e270-2eb0-4324-a865-6b7e57aa39d7 , 0fd553be-bd43-40df-a8cf-ab64c1d2f511
Date Apr 16, 2019 Refund May 19.

@DunnBiscuit hi Dunn

Hello, for your case, please contact the support team