Account suspension

My support ticket was: (329774) and account code is: TDVASB. After already mentioning in my thread that DunnBiscuit has turned private and closed stating my case was pending and will be responded via tickets. I already got the same response I had mentioned in the tickets. Apparently Game flip is making false accusations against my account and no proof of evidence for making another account to scam people in comment section of listing. I have mentioned this before, it’s utter bullshit nonsense claim made against my account. My account was made via Facebook login and only use it to buy things. It’s the only account I have. There has to be a misunderstanding. All my ratings are positive. I feel disgusted that gameflip suspends accounts falsely. I requested to see any evidence or proof I’ve made for such baseless comments made. It’s already been 2-3weeks since the support ticket was concluded. I would like my account unbanned please. I love using game flip and out of the blue I get account suspension. The reason for suspension is more of mind bogging to me. Any help is appreciated. I’ve already gone a month with unable to buy things.

Hello! I was able to unsuspend your account after further investigation. I’m sorry for this delay.


Thank you so much for all your help. I love gameflip and I will never forget that you helped me get my account back. Once again thanks for taking the time for further investigate and able to get my account back.

My profile code was: G1TCHR
Also they said if I did like make deals outside of Gameflip I would get suspended but I didn’t know that it would be lifetime and also The reason I got warned is I asked someone for their discord so next time they order something from me they contact me faster because I respond quicker there.

Hello @Sxnsive,

I have verified your account and can see that you were already warned for sharing personal information which is not allowed.

I have verified with the Support Team and they will give you a second chance.

Also, keep in mind to verify the following Help Center article regarding Contacting outside of Gameflip:

God Speed! :trident: