why my account is suspended

Hello i need help.

I have been selling for a long time on a gameflip, but today my account was banned, I do not know why. I do not sell for about a week. Can you please find out the reason for my ban? Thanks for helping me out.

@DunnBiscuit pls help)

My id TYBA6X
My email-wow130702@mail.ru.
My nick in gameflip-Mark Mihailov.

Check your email inboxes for a Gameflip email stating the reason of suspension.

There’s no reasonable explanation. I’d like to get unban if it’s okay.

You should create a ticket in order to get info about your ban
New ticket can be created HERE

Hello, you were suspended since you were selling the same product multiple times. This is against the rules. I’m unable to help you further.

Thank you.

Hello, @DunnBiscuit, I’m not exactly sure what poster did, but I wonder how is this called then?

There already are few topics active about this “Insane project” guy (there are Zero, Fullsheta, Game Changers, and all other “always online” users if you go to the next page(s)). On top of that, he rate users negative if he is not rated instantly, even tho his delivery times are way longer than 1 day.

And most other “1 day(s) delivery” users do the same postings of the same item again and again. Either limit this somehow, or this suspension above is not justified.


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EDIT: I removed my post to more appropriate topic.

You misunderstood the user’s suspension.

He was selling the same single key/code in many listings, this is forbidden.

The other users sells different keys/codes for the same game. This is the same as Steam Pumpkin does with Gift cards.

If you have other questions, let me know.

Well, we do not know that if there is no code to begin with :slight_smile:

But I get it.

You don’t, I do and yes, there are codes in every listing of them as far as I checked.

If they are selling, it is because they are selling legit codes thus far.

If you see anything wrong about those sellers that should cause an investigation, let me know.

Thank you.