Why my account is suspended?

I new here. My account:https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:73964b30-5b1f-4474-b8eb-d00277163c2b
is banned without motive and gameflip dosent said nothing to me. Why? This is the consideration of new users on gameflip? Why you do It. Why my account is banned???

I Sorry. I dont know that. I had see others peoples selling and I sell too.
Why you do not advice me that before suspend my account?
Can you reativate my account? I not will sell others random products here.

I’m just a seller, just wanted to let you know why your account got suspended, contact gameflip support it will take some time but I’m sure they’ll help you out

Hey @Norie,

Have you contact our support team yet? If so can you please send me via PM your ticket number so I can check it for you?


@DunnBiscuit my ticket is 126236 Thanks

My account continues suspended and gameflip dosent say me nothing, I not have any aswer of support.
The support dosent work on this site? What happend? Why ignore me?
What happened?

Nobody ignore you. Please see that we are trying to catch up with every request we have.

I answered your ticket.