Account suspended for no reason ! Why no response?

my account suspended i dont know why.
i sold 3 products and received good rates from all buyers !
i need help because i can’t make any purchase or sell items

What kind of items were they? Game code? Gift Card? Please specify.

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game code and gift cards.

my gameflip profile

Hey @NiTRO7d,

Please contact our support at, thanks!

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I did
they told me
Thank you for contacting us.

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

  • High amount of failed credit card charges

If you feel that you were wrongfully suspended or would like to appeal the suspension, please respond to this ticket so we can further investigate your case.

actually i wrongfully suspended so please let me use my account again, i’ll make sure to be careful next time.

Hello @NiTRO7d,

Unfortunately i don’t have power to remove your suspension.

You will need to talk to the support team and explain what happened so they can help you further.


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they said we are unable to lift this suspension as looking into this we see that this credit card use was fraudulent.

i tried to add credit card but i entered some wrong numbers and then my account suspended ! it’s not my fault!

Hello @NiTRO7d, unfortunately if it the support final decision, there is nothing we can do about it.

To reach a final decision the investigate everything regarding the account and the issue. If you have any proof that helps you clarify this situation you must send to them. Example: photos, screenshots or anything that may help you resolve this issue.

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photo of what ?

and if this the final decision so what’s about my money ?